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Red Chillies International Limited, today announces with great regret that they will be unable to facilitate the three city tour of the show “Temptation Reloaded 2008” with the proposed starring of Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan and other superstars in Germany . This is due to the breach of contract by the promoter of the shows SensAsian Media Limited (SensAsian Media). SensAsian Media did not fulfil its obligations in due time which makes it impossible for the shows to happen in Germany. We regret the inconvenience that these unforseen circumstances have caused to our fans and the audience. The Shows were planned to be presented in Berlin (Velodrom) on October 17th , in Munich (Zenith Die Kulturhalle) on October 18 th and in Frankfurt (Festhalle) on October 19 th.

For any clarifications or queries please email us at: temptationreloaded@gmail.com

  Press Release - Temptation Reloaded Tour of Germany

With tremendous love & affection to all our fans in Germany, we, Red Chillies International Limited (RCIL) would like to clarify our situation with reference to the German leg of the "Temptation Reloaded Tour 2008". With a very heavy heart and great regret, we announce that we are unable to participate in the said shows which was to be held at Berlin (Velodrom) on 17th October 2008, Munich (Zenith Die Kulturhalle ) on 18th October 2008, & Frankfurt (Festhalle) on 19th October 2008 due to irreparable breach of contract on the part of promoter Sensasian Media Ltd.

Sensasian Media Ltd is represented through its promoter Syed Qasim Ali who had approached RCIL to organize shows at Germany. RCIL as an Organizer agreed to enter into a contract with Sensasian Media Ltd and under the Agreement Dated 1st August 2008, the promoter at his free will agreed to perform all its duties and obligations with dedication and commitment.

Unfortunately RCIL is now faced with a situation where even the basic requirements of staging the show have not been met by the promoter, leaving us with no choice and alternative. Infact till date the venues of Berlin & Munich remain partly unpaid by Sensasian Media. The rent for Velodrom, the venue for the very first show, had not been paid for by the promoter as per an email dated 13th October 2008 from the venue manager making very clear the malafide & frivolous intentions of the promoter. Prior to the first show, the production companies have not been paid by the promoter (as per an email dated 7th October 2008 ). The hotels for the artists and crew have not been paid the air-tickets for a 70 member plus strong crew have not been issued .The artist remuneration remains unpaid too despite several reminders.. The promoter failed to arrange for the basic infrastructure that would be required to conduct the said event. We ask, where would the Artist perform without a stage and venue? Where would the Artist and Crew stay without a confirmation for the Hotel? How Would the Artist crew, technicians and dancers come without the air-tickets? The promoter's intention was only to play with the sentiments of the German fans and bag their monies from ticket sales without making payments to secure basic infrastructure to have the said shows.

The Promoter, at every stage of his default promised to remedy his default and make payments constantly assuring the organisers of his intention to promote the said event. On 29th September 2008 by his email the promoter stated that if he does not make payments by 6th October 2008 we are not bound to participate in the shows. The promoter backed out of the shows at the last minute on 13th October 2008 leaving the organizers helpless and disappointed. If the promoter had let his intentions of not promoting the said event be known to the organizers with sufficient notice the organizers would have attempted to make their own alternate arrangements to be there with their fans.

Promoter had no intentions to promote the said event and has falsely claimed that the organizers have backed out of the said event when the fact and the truth is that he, with an intention to cause disrepute and with ulterior motive, Mr. Ali has defaulted in his commitments and obligations. In case the promoter's intentions were fair and he wanted the German fans to not be let down he would have ensured that the most basic arrangements were made for the Artists to come down to Germany for the tour and the venues and production for the shows would have been booked and paid for.

The Artists and Crew who were all set to come and perform for their loved ones in Germany are most disappointed. Each and every Artist and Crew member had invested so much time, energy and dedication in preparing each act and performance and because of one man`s false commitment they were unable to display the same. The organisers also spent considerable amount of non-refundable monies making the above arrangements and preparing a show for their dear German Fans.

We understand that each and every fan of the performing Artists is disheartened with the cancellation of the show. RCIL today can only assure them that they shall be there with their fans as soon as possible. RCIL promises to all the fans that it shall not let go of the man who played so viciously with the emotions of thousands of people and has already started a legal recourse against the promoter.

RCIL has setup a website - 'www.temptationreloaded.com' where the fans and public at large can view all the correspondence they have exchanged with the Promoter including the above mentioned emails. This is to ensure that the fans that have paid to watch the show are fully aware that RCIL, the artists and the rest of the crew of Temptation Reloaded have constantly made their most sincere efforts to ensure the successful staging of this truly world class spectacle but Sensasian Media by their breach made it impossible for the shows to materialise .